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Your place in La Habana Cuba

La Habana a real wonderful place

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La Habana is a colonial city with close to two millions of citizens.His ancient architecture with the old cars who only in Cuba you still can see they contribute to a typical atmosfere.
Cuba is a multiracial society with 5 kind of races from black black to white white passing thru all a series of combinations who leave their better lineaments in a fantastic mix.
Calle Consuelo 106 is a restaured house where two italian brothers build up 4 rooms for rent to the foreigners.The level of the accomodation is familiar but the European touch is present in the superclean bathrooms and in air conditioning everywhere.
Giovanni and Francesco those are the names of italian brothers who owns the house they promise a special period if you will choose their place to stay.They are both married with cubans and leaves there since more than 20 years.Si they can show you some things that are out of the touristic tours and with the fair prices.
Ask for them calling the cell phone you will find in this site or writing to
you will deal with extremely kind persons very professional when about tourism in Cuba you speak.